As a small-plane pilot, I keep up on aviation news, subscribing to multiple magazines, websites and podcasts devoted to flying. So it is a measure of just how hard the Obama admin worked to hide this outrageous story from the public that I had never heard about it until Tucker Carlson brought it to light this evening.

Turns out, diversity activists during the Obama era decided that there was insufficient diversity among air traffic controllers. So, without a vote, the Obama FAA scrapped its merit-based rules and replaced them with a system contrived to benefit “diverse” applicants.

As Tucker explained it, and as hard as this is to believe, the system awards big bonus points to applicants who describe themselves as bad at science, and unemployed. Applicants who are very familiar with air traffic control or are pilots get relatively few bonus points.

As Tucker said, this is “demented, insane, dangerous.”

By coincidence, yesterday I flew my plane from North Carolina to the Dallas area to attend a flight-training event. President Trump was visiting Dallas at the time, and there was an FAA flight restriction in the area.

The restriction ended just as I was arriving, and the air traffic controller who was directing me put on a virtuoso performance, giving courteous, rapid-fire instructions to multiple planes that had been holding. He was so good that one of the airline pilots on the frequency congratulated him, something I’d never heard before. Now, imagine a diversity controller in his place, hired in part because he’d been unemployed and bad at science. As Tucker suggested, the results could have been disastrous.

But under Obama, diversity trumped all. Hopefully the FAA under President Trump will reverse these dangerous and discriminatory hiring rules.

To Promote Diversity, FAA Favors Air Traffic Control Applicants Bad at Science and Unemployed
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