There has been an outpouring of conservative condemnation of Roseanne for her racist comment about Valerie Jarrett. But the left-wing media is largely rallying around Samantha Bee for calling Ivanka Trump the c-word.

Take the Daily Beast, where Amy Zimmerman dismissed Bee’s attack as merely “cussing” and “naughty words,” claiming that to compare it with Roseanne’s tweet is “the false equivalency to end all false equivalencies.”

Along similar lines, on today’s Morning Joe MSNBC analyst John Heilemann argued that the punishment for Bee shouldn’t be as harsh as the show cancellation that Roseanne promptly suffered. Heilemann:

“In the scale of punishment, I don’t think that what Samantha Bee said is on the same scale as what Roseanne said. Because I don’t think vulgarity equals racism . . . it doesn’t reflect the same kind of corrupt values as what Roseanne said, because I do believe there’s a distinction between grotesque vulgarity and racist vulgarity.”

Joe Scarborough had one of his increasingly-rare moments of clarity, heartily agreeing with Donald Trump, Jr., who tweeted “Good thing there’s no double standard. Imagine someone… anyone … said this about Michelle Obama or the Obama girls? You think they’d still have a TV show?”

Scarborough also interrupted Heilemann to point out that it wasn’t merely a matter of Bee’s vulgarity, but also misogyny and the “dehumanizing” of Ivanka.

And that really is the point. If Bee had stubbed her toe on the set, and in spontaneous reaction let fly with an obscenity, that would have been one thing. But here, with malice aforethought, she aimed her language at Ivanka. TBS, which broadcasts Bee’s show, is just as guilty. The show was taped, but TBS failed to delete the offending portion. To the contrary, the network featured it on its website.

Does Zimmerman at the Daily Beast or Heilemann deny Don Jr.’s point: that a conservative using the c-word in reference to Michelle Obama or her daughters would no longer have a show? Please.

MSNBC’s Heilemann: Samantha Bee’s C-word “Not on Same Scale” as Roseanne’s Racism
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