All you need to know about Shep Smith: Mika Brzezinski loves him.

On today’s Morning Joe, introducing a clip of Smith, Mika said: “love him.” When the clip concluded, an adoring Mika added: “thank God for him.”

In the clip, from Fox News of yesterday, Smith: blasted President Trump’s suggestion that Robert Mueller is meddling in the midterm elections; asserted that there is no “Russia witch-hunt;” and said that there is “no evidence” to support Trump’s claim that federal officials spied on his campaign with an informant.

Note: for good measure, Joe Scarborough called Smith a “superstar.”

So, anyone out there looking for fawning admiration from Mika Brzezinski now knows what to do: climb on your soapbox and take righteously indignant shots at President Trump.

Mika: I “Love” Shep Smith, “Thank God for Him”
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