New anchor, same liberal bias . . .

Today marks John Berman’s first day as co-anchor of CNN’s “New Day,” taking over from Chris Cuomo who has moved to primetime. But nothing has changed when it comes to the network’s relentlessly liberal, anti-Trump bias.

Reporter Kaitlan Collins cited and displayed a tweet from “VoteVets” harshly criticizing President Trump’s Memorial Day tweet in which he touted the strong economy. An innocent viewer might have assumed VoteVets was a non-partisan group representing all veterans.

What Collins and CNN failed to disclose is that “VoteVets” is actually a self-described “progressive” political action committee. Even the New York Times has described VoteVets as “a group closely aligned with Congressional Democrats.” The group has spent millions attacking Republicans and supporting Dem candidates. It even takes up other liberal causes such as “clean energy.”

CNN has deceived its viewers. CNN’s failure to disclose VoteVets’ hyper-partisan identity is nothing short of journalistic malpractice.

Note: for good measure, in addition to its attack on President Trump, CNN also cited VoteVets’ criticism of the Republican party for offering a Memorial Day discount on merchandise.

Note segundo: Collins turned up in an off-the-shoulder dress. Coming directly from a Memorial Day cocktail party, perhaps?

CNN Conceals: “Vets” Group Trashing Trump Memorial Day Tweet is Dem-aligned PAC
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