If there is one person on TV who should have the good grace not to raise the issue of the right of a private-sector entity to control speech within its domain, it’s Joy Reid.

As the host of an MSNBC show, Reid has a notorious history of shutting down, correcting, reprimanding and even defenestrating conservatives who say things she doesn’t like. For example, when a Republican referred to the “Democrat party,” Reid reprimanded him: “on this show, we say Democratic,” warning him that “we’re going to have to sit down. We’re going to have a talking-to.” Reid similarly shut down another conservative who had the audacity to speak of “illegals.” Other examples of Reid stifling conservative speech abound, as herehere and here.

So it would be the height of hypocrisy for Reid to suggest that the NFL might be running afoul of the First Amendment with its new rule that could result in fines for teams whose players kneel during the Anthem. But that didn’t deter Reid this morning, who said:

“The First Amendment argument is complicated because it’s not the government that’s preventing speech, it’s these private organizations, which also happen to get a lot of money from the Department of Defense.”

No, it’s not “complicated” at all. Reid seems to be suggesting that the fact that the Department of Defense advertises on NFL games and sponsors events like color guards somehow converts the NFL into a government agency subject to the First Amendment. That is absurd.

The next time Reid shuts down a conservative, can he claim a First Amendment violation because NBC—MSNBC’s parent network—accepts DoD payment for recruiting commercials and the annual airing of the “US Army All-American Bowl?” Of course not.

Despite Her History of Silencing Conservatives, Joy Reid Suggests NFL Kneel Rule Violates 1st Amendment
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