George Martin, the former head of the NFL players’ union, seems confused about the Constitution. Martin was interviewed on CNN this morning regarding the new NFL rule pursuant to which teams can be fined if players kneel during the Anthem. When Chris Cuomo pointed out that “the league is a private concession; they can make their own rules,” Martin responded:

“I think they have the right to make those rules. And I think we have the right to either adhere to them or not. And I think that our right supersedes theirs.”

No, it doesn’t.  As Cuomo correctly noted, the NFL is a private business and can set its own rules. How long do you think a CNN anchor would last, for example, if he refused to read the teleprompter’s criticism of President Trump?

Martin compounded the confusion by adding, “and we can face the consequences as a result of that.”

If someone has to “face the consequences” as a result of violating a rule, doesn’t that mean that his right to violate the rule does NOT “supersede” the right of the people establishing the rule?

Fmr. NFL Union Head: Players’ Right to Kneel “Supersedes” League Rules
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