Do you believe the evidence suggests that the FBI under Obama and James Comey sought to obtain damaging information on Donald Trump? If so, Josh Campbell thinks you’re a “wingnut” who might not be “playing with a full deck.”

Campbell is a former FBI agent and assistant to Comey who quit the FBI to join the anti-Trump Resistance and sign on with CNN—which could be considered the same thing. Appearing on the network this morning, Campbell said:

“The challenge in dealing with conspiracy theories is that you never win by calling them for what they are. No one in the history of mankind ever persuaded a wingnut by calling them a wingnut . . . Either, one, these people aren’t playing with a full deck, or two, they’re running cover for a White House that is in survival mode . . . or three, they genuinely believe this nonsense.”

Campbell is the same guy who a year ago wrote a column claiming that his former boss, Comey, is “not a showboat.” Comey then proceeded to negotiate a multi-million dollar book deal and go on a publicity tour. Even John Podhoretz, no Trump fan, has accused Comey of “narcissism” and having “self-aggrandizingly arrogated to himself the role of speaking to the American people about whether or not Hillary Clinton should or should not have been indicted.”

Comey “not a showboat?” So much for Campbell’s credibility.

Note: This was the first time I’d seen Campbell in action and was surprised by his supercilious, puerile manner. This is a 10-year FBI veteran and former assistant to Comey?

Fmr. Comey Assistant: Trump Supporters “Wingnuts” Who Might Not Play with “Full Deck”
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