Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “Jesus says love, because hate destroys the hater as well as the hated.”

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough gave us a glimpse of just how corrosive hate can be. As the show was going to a break, a visibly angry Scarborough, reacting to recent criticism of how the show has morphed into a boring, anti-Trump hate fest, railed at his own audience:

“If you’re thinking: it’s just one note. Morning Joe is just one note. Yeah! Yeah, guess what? A fire department has one focus when there’s a four-alarm fire. All right? So if you don’t want to hear the truth, you can change the channel!”

Scarborough surely had in mind columns like this one, by Alex Castellanos, entitled “IT’S OFFICIAL: ‘Morning Joe’ Is Dead.” The notion was that Castellanos used to enjoy the show because of the tension between conservative Scarborough and liberal Mika Brzezinski. But now:

Morning Joe has become a sea of sameness. The performers play indistinguishable parts, predictable bobble-head dolls that hate Donald John Trump.”

Note: Castellanos is anything but a big Trump fan. He’s co-founder, with Dem strategist Steve McMahon, of a consulting group called Purple Strategies, which, as its name suggests, is a middle-of-the-road outfit.

Not sure the MSNBC suits will be pleased with Scarborough’s suggestion that viewers change the channel. But speaking from personal experience, it’s surely true that many have or will take up Joe’s advice. Like Castellanos, I also used to enjoy Morning Joe, but now find boring it’s manic, relentless, Trump-bashing.

Angry Scarborough: “Change the Channel” if You Don’t Like our One-Note Trump Hatred
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