Why couldn’t the Santa Fe, TX school shooter have used an AR-15? A large magazine? Or at least a bump stock? That would have made it easier to call for more gun control.

That was the subtext of Chris Cuomo’s lament on CNN this morning. Cuomo said that the shooting,

“doesn’t set up great for the gun debate.”

Cuomo was presumably referring to the fact that the two weapons used by the shooter were a .38 revolver and a shotgun. Instead of being high-tech “assault weapons,” they both employ 19th-century technology, dating back almost 200 years old in the case of the revolver.

Will Dems demand that all revolvers and shotguns be banned, and the countless millions in circulation rounded up? That would be impossible, both practically and politically. So Cuomo and his gun control allies will just have to await the next time a more modern weapon is used.

Note: guest co-host Poppy Harlow is presumably meant to be an objective observer. But check out her sighs and petulant question as she decries the lack of more gun control. When it comes to emotionally plumping for the liberal cause, Harlow more than rivals Mika Brzezinski, who at least has the decency to be an out-front lefty.

Chris Cuomo Confounded by TX School Shooter’s Use of Low-Tech Weapons

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