In the wake of today’s Texas school shooting, Chris Matthews, on his MSNBC show this evening, suggested that South Africans look down on the US, wondering “what’s with America?”

Matthews might have wanted to check his stats before Blaming America First. Intentional homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants: United States: 4.88, South Africa: 34.27. That’s right: the homicide rate in South Africa is more than seven times that in the US.


So, yeah, South Africans might be looking at the US — and wondering: what’s better about America.

But nothing will stop liberals like Matthews from denigrating our laws and culture.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What do think is about America that has this headline now around the world? I mean, if you’re in Tokyo right now where they don’t have this, or London where they really don’t have this, or Paris or anywhere in the world, South Africa–they don’t have this kind of stuff–you go: what’s with America? What’s with us?

Chris Matthews on School Shooting: South Africans Wonder ‘What’s With America?’

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