On his MSNBC show this evening, Ari Melber not so subtly suggested to Michael Avenatti that Michael Cohen might have put out a Mafia hit on him.

Said Melber:

“We had the Trump lawyer, a former lawyer, last night. Wasn’t just criticizing you, he was asking the question of whether Michael Cohen’s role was to deal with the Mafia for Donald Trump. I mean, he said that, and he’s a Trump lawyer. When you say “ugly,” do you have concerns about your own role, your own safety, your own precautions?”

In fact, the lawyer in question, 85-year old Jay Goldberg who represented Trump in divorces, in no way suggested that Cohen might be in the business of arranging Mafia hits. Goldberg indicated that the Mafia threatened developers like Trump with union disruptions, and that Cohen worked to deal with those problems.

Avenatti, without specifically addressing the mob-hit notion, replied:

“I certainly have concerns about the safety of me and my client. Those concerns have been present. They have reached a heightened level over the last two weeks related to death threats and the like.”

MSNBC’s Melber Wonders Whether Michael Cohen Put Out Mafia Hit on Avenatti
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