Stormy Daniels has Michael Avenatti. Maybe Kate Steinle’s killer—Jose Garcia Zarate—should hire Chris Cuomo to run PR for him.

On CNN this morning, Cuomo claimed:

“The facts of it. He was not–the idea of what he was painted as: there is a monster in our midst, and there are so many just like him. The facts don’t line up on it. And it’s always been a gross abuse of the situation.”

Poor Jose. Think of him not as a killer, but as a victim. Of “gross abuse.”

Garcia Zarate was a seven-time felon who used a variety of aliases. And it is undisputed that he fired the gun that killed Kate Steinle. According to his lawyer:

“Garcia Zarate found the gun beneath a seat at the pier where he was sitting that evening. When he bent to pick up the heavy object, which was wrapped in a t-shirt, the gun went off and Garcia Zarate, startled, threw it in the water and left the area quickly, not knowing that anyone had been hit by the bullets.”

And a San Francisco jury bought that.

Cuomo’s defense of Garcia Zarate’s reputation came in the context of a discussion of the Trump admin plan to prosecute adult illegal border crossers and to hold their children on military bases pending processing of their parents.

A clip was played of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen saying that for every sob story about illegal immigrants, “we have people like Kate Steinle. Where is the compassion for the flip side of this conversation?”


CNN’s Cuomo: Kate Steinle’s Killer Falsely Painted as “Monster”

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