Joe Scarborough has described as a “bribe” the money received by Michael Cohen from AT&T and other companies, and has strongly suggested that Cohen passed some of it to President Trump.

On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough said:

“That was just a direct payoff. That was just a direct bribe. Did that money really go to Cohen? Did it go to Cohen and straight into the President’s pockets? . . . Where did that money go to? Because I highly doubt Donald Trump would let it sit in Michael Cohen’s account . . . [Trump] is a guy that would shake somebody down for a couple of hundred thousand dollars.”

Scarborough is accusing President Trump of a serious felony, a classic example of actionable slander. But lawyer Scarborough surely knows that under the “public figure” exception, it could be difficult for President Trump to win such a suit. He would have to prove that Scarborough either knew the statement was false, or that he made it with “reckless disregard” for the truth.

And any such suit would open the president to extensive discovery, depositions, etc.

That said, President Trump is unlikely to let such an ugly slur stand. Keep an eye on the tweet stream!

Scarborough Strongly Suggests Cohen Passed “Bribe” Money to Trump
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