Name names, Joe . . . On today’s Morning Joe, a shocking assertion was lost amidst the blather about Rudy Giuliani’s revelation that President Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen for the payment to Stormy Daniels.

In his column in today’s Washington Post, Joe Scarborough praises the Rudy Giuliani who cleaned up a filthy, crime-infested NYC in the 90s and valiantly became America’s Mayor after 9-11. Scarborough wonders how Giuliani has gone from that to now serving as “Trump’s chump.” Scarborough says that even viewed as a cynical career move, Rudy’s decision to serve Trump as he has makes no sense given that:

“[M]any West Wing insiders [are] openly questioning whether the 45th President will even finish his term.”

Whoa! Talk about burying the lede! If many in the White House are “openly” questioning whether President Trump will serve out his term, shouldn’t Scarborough name names? Isn’t “openly” the opposite of “off the record?” What obligation does Scarborough have to preserve the anonymity of any such disloyal aides?

Is this real reporting on Joe’s part, or wishful thinking? What could undermine a President more than members of his own staff doubting his durability in this way? The nation needs to know, and any such staffers should be gone yesterday.

Scarborough: “Many West Wing Insiders Question Whether Trump Will Finish Term”
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