How wildly irresponsible was the speculation by this MSNBC guest? So bad that even Chris Matthews instructed viewers to ignore it. On this evening’s Hardball, a lawyer named Katie Phang imagined that President Trump has refused to acknowledge having had an affair with Stormy Daniels because:

“There is an exceptional ‘cheat clause’ with his prenuptial agreement that he has with Melania Trump.”

That bit of conjecture was more than even Matthews could stomach:

“Come on! How do you know that? Come on, Katie: you’re just purely BS’ing now . . . Based upon what? Based upon what? . . . I’m going to ask the jury watching to put that aside, because we don’t have any idea what the motive was for that.”

Was Matthews sincerely surprised by Phang’s rash suggestion–or did he invite her on to get her charge on the air—and permit himself to play the fair arbiter?

Guest’s Speculation on Trump-Melania Pre-nup “Cheat Clause” Too Much Even for Chris Matthews

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