If Chris Cuomo had been around during WWII, would he have been telling FDR and Churchill that they needed to disclose their D-Day plans? Maybe so, judging by Cuomo’s absurd questioning of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on CNN this morning.

Cuomo suggested to Netanyahu that Israel needs to “come clean” and be “honest” about its nuclear weapons capabilities if it expects Iran to do the same. As Netanyahu pointed out, unlike Iran, Israel has never threatened the annihilation of another country. Moreover, Iran is under the obligation, pursuant to the nuclear deal, to disclose its nuclear program.

But the bigger point is that Israel is effectively at war with Iran and other countries in the Middle East. It is a tiny nation surrounded by hostile powers. Why would Israel, why should Israel, disclose its capabilities to its mortal enemies? But leave it to Chris Cuomo to equate Israel with Iran.

Chris Cuomo Tells Netanyahu: Israel Needs to “Come Clean” and be “Honest” about its Nukes
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