Watching John Kasich on Jake Tapper’s CNN show this morning reminded of just how much I can’t stand this vain, nasty piece of work.

Kasich portrayed conservatives as anti-immigrant bigots. In contrast, Kasich painted moderates as “people who are objective, these are people who are rational, and these are people who seek the truth.” Kasich is clearly positioning himself for some sort of independent run, and suggested that the polarized Republican and Dem “stores” created an opening for someone to open a store in the middle.

Kasich attended the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner last night but had no words of criticism for the Michelle Wolf’s vulgar, personal attacks on Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others. Instead, Kasich bragged that Democrats and Republicans alike came up and told him “I’m for you.”

Kasich also painted himself as the savior of the Republican party, saying “I can bring [the GOP] back. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Kasich ended with a clumsy attempt to suck up to his host.

“Going on the set with Jake Tapper is like having a laser fight in a Star Wars movie.”

John Kasich: Self-proclaimed Savior of the Republican Party

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