Nice work on Korea — for a demented dude . . .

That was the takeaway from today’s Morning Joe. On the one hand, Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann grudgingly gave President Trump credit for the apparent diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea. Scarborough, for example, said, “it’s hard not to look at all the bluster, and all the insults, and all the threats from Donald Trump, and not believe that that actually forced the North, and the South, to try to figure out a way to get together.”

But a bit later, there was Scarborough suggesting that, contrary to Dr. Ronny Jackson’s findings, Trump’s freewheeling Fox and Friends interview yesterday was evidence of the “onset of dementia.” Concluded Scarborough: “there is no 72-year old man with their wits about them who would go on national television and destroy their legal defense in two cases in one 15-minute interview.”

Morning Joe Grudgingly Gives Trump Korea Credit — But Suggests He's Demented from Mark Finkelstein on Vimeo.

Presidents Bush 43, Clinton and Obama were easily hoodwinked by Kim Jong Un. Does Scarborough really believe that someone with dementia could outwit the wily North Korean?

Morning Joe Grudgingly Gives Trump Korea Credit — But Suggests He’s Demented
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