The single biggest threat to the future of the Dem party would be if African-Americans abandoned their overwhelming support for Dem candidates. It’s bad enough, from the Dem perspective, that under President Trump black unemployment has hit record lows. Now comes a major black celebrity openly embracing Trump. He must be destroyed!

And so it was that on CNN this morning, Chris Cuomo did his best to undermine Kanye West and his support for the President. Cuomo first depicted West’s endorsement as a publicity stunt by a celebrity “desperate for attention.”

Cuomo then took things an ugly step further, suggesting that in making his endorsement, Kanye’s mind was clouded by drugs:

“He also recently has said that he missed tour dates, reportedly, because he was struggling with his own opioid situation. So you’ve got to factor that in, too, in terms of where his head is.

Chris better be careful. By slurring major African-American celebrities as desperate and drug-addled, Cuomo could be triggering a backlash among black voters.

Chris Cuomo Suggests Opioids Made “Desperate” Kanye Endorse Trump
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