A first-year law student making this argument would have gotten a big, blazing “F” . . .

On Ari Melber’s MSNBC show this evening, a former Watergate prosecutor—demanding that Sean Hannity be investigated—actually suggested that Hannity’s occasional use of the services of attorney Michael Cohen is evidence of wrongdoing.

Said Nick Akerman:

“The person who really ought to be investigated is Sean Hannity! He’s the person whose name was brought up on the Cohen search warrant as a client. Why did he even offer himself up as a client if there was nothing wrong?”

Akerman’s assertion stands on its head the most fundamental notions of justice. Everyone is entitled to legal representation—including, most importantly, the innocent! Even leaving aside the fact that Hannity has said that he largely consulted Cohen on real estate matters, Akerman’s suggestion that retaining counsel is proof of culpability is an obscene misrepresentation of the law.

That Akerman was a Watergate prosecutor speaks volumes about the partiality of that prosecution. The only thing worse would have been if Hillary Clinton herself had been on the Watergate prosecution team. Oh, wait.

Note: to his credit, host Ari Melber expressed incredulity at Akerman’s ridiculous suggestion. Said Melber: “there’s no allegation of impropriety just for having a lawyer.”

Watergate Prosecutor on MSNBC: Why Did Hannity Retain Cohen “If Nothing Wrong?”
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