The CNN crew had a jolly old time this morning, mocking President Trump for his penchant for using his cellphone, and analogizing him to a recalcitrant teenage girl. Chris Cuomo led the charge, advising chief of staff John Kelly to say to Trump:

“Look, we let you use this phone. It’s a privilege. It’s not a right. And if you don’t use it the right way, we’re going to take it from you.”

Added Alisyn Camerota, “and you’re going to be grounded.”

Continued Cuomo: “This is the exact conversation I have — and lose — with my 15-yr. old on a regular basis. The parallels are frightening.”

Yes, we need to return to the decorum of the Obama days, when the President of the United States agreed to an interview with GloZell Green, whose shtick included eating cereal out of a bathtub.

Chris Cuomo: On Cellphone Use, Treat Trump Like My Recalcitrant Teenage Daughter
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