Friendly advice to Chris Cuomo: when mocking President Trump over a spelling mistake, try to avoid making a mistake yourself . . .

On CNN this morning, Cuomo went out of his way to note that in a tweet about James Comey, the prez misspelled “shady” as “shadey.” Continued Cuomo:

“unless [Trump was] maybe referring to Slim Shadey, the alternate persona of Eminem.”

Here’s the problem, Chris: Eminem spells it Slim Shady. Not Slim Shadey. Ruh-roh!

Last month, we noted Chris Cuomo repeatedly raising some misspellings that turned up in a different Trump tweet. What’s up with Cuomo’s fixation on Trump spelling fumbles?

Here was Cuomo:

“Put that tweet back up there, just for a second, as a little bit of window into the mind. “Shadey James Comey,” Shadey as you see spelled incorrectly, unless maybe referring to Slim Shady, the alternate persona of Eminem . . . A misspelled word: not a big deal, something also that we’ve come to expect from the President of the United States.”

Cuomo didn’t spell out Slim “Shadey.” But his comment only made sense if he was saying that Eminem spelled it “Shadey,” and thus that Trump wasn’t making a mistake if he spelled it that way.

Note segundo: All that was missing from the moment was a Breaking News Alert. And where was the Countdown Clock to a CNN town hall on the matter?

Mocking Trump Spelling Mistake, Chris Cuomo Makes One Himself
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