In February, Raw Story noted Joe Scarborough transparently trying to bait President Trump into agreeing to an interview with Robert Mueller by saying that the President’s lawyers think he’s “too stupid” to handle such a sit-down.

Scarborough, with help from Mika Brzezinski and Donny Deutsch, was back at the Trump-baiting game today. In the opening segment, the trio repeatedly asserted that Trump’s lawyers think the president is “too stupid” to handle Mueller.

Adding fuel to the provocation fire, they also suggested that Trump’s education isn’t as good as Mueller’s, and that Trump would be a “coward” and “very submissive” if he refused to talk with Mueller.

Morning Joe, with Scarborough as lead provocateur, has gone beyond even what the likes of fellow MSNBCers Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid do. The latter pair acidly criticize Trump. But here, Scarborough & Co. are actively trying to alter the outcome of events by baiting the President into what could be an unwise move. This is MSM activism taken to a new level.

Calling Trump “Stupid, Coward, Submissive,” Morning Joe Tries to Lure Prez Into Mueller Talk
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