In a million years, would Chris Cuomo have used such vulgar language when referring, say, to Hillary Clinton or President Obama?

On CNN this morning, responding to a mention that Michael Cohen had been “incredibly respectful” of the process by which his home and offices had been searched, Cuomo said:

“You’re going to be a little more civil when it’s your ass on the line. It’s easy for the President to be long and strong now. I’m sure that if he gets closer to doing an interview with Mueller, he won’t be beating up on Mueller the same way. I promise you.”

If Cuomo had ever used such language in respect of Hillary or President Obama, outraged cries of sexism/racism would have echoed through the land. The MSM has a different standard when it comes to President Trump. Ironic that in a discussion of “civility,” Cuomo employed such uncivil language.

Chris Cuomo: Trump Will Be More Civil to Mueller If It’s His “Ass On the Line”
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