Chris Cuomo has mockingly bestowed a new moniker on Trey Gowdy: “Captain Benghazi.” On CNN this morning, Cuomo suggested that whereas Gowdy went after the Benghazi inquiry “with such an aggression,” he has been lackadaisical in looking into allegations of misconduct against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. Cuomo:

“Wasn’t there a big [makes yawning motion] for Captain Benghazi? They went after that with such an aggression, right? And here he says, I don’t like these kind of allegations, but then, they’ve had a month to get documentation from Pruitt. They haven’t gotten it.”

Panelist John Avlon was predictably amused:

I’m just digging ‘Captain Benghazi.'”

Yeah, a real rib-tickler. Four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya, are murdered by an Islamist mob. And Hillary Clinton lies to the bereaved families, telling them an online video is to blame. Great comedy material.

Note: the screencap shows Cuomo imagining Gowdy yawning in disinterest over the allegations against Pruitt.

“Captain Benghazi”- – Chris Cuomo’s Mocking Moniker for Trey Gowdy
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