For my sins, I was looking online at the Opinion page of the New York Times this morning. Here’s a sampling of column headlines going back to February, reflecting the paper’s obsessive Trump-hatred:

  • The Conspiracy Theory That Says Trump Is a Genius
  • The True Damage of Trump’s ‘Fake News’
  • The Art of the Flail
  • Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?
  • Trump’s Approach to Syria Is No Way to Run a War
  • Trump, Driven by Fear
  • Trump’s Irrational Border Plan
  • How to Serve a Deranged Tyrant, Stoically
  • Will Trump Crash the Farm Economy?
  • The Trump Administration Sabotages the Census
  • Yes, You Can Indict the President
  • All the President’s Thugs
  • Trump and Bolton’s Plan to Isolate Allies and Encourage Enemies
  • Trump’s Trans Ban Shows Who He Really Is
  • Trump’s Talk Worries Me, Like the Talk Before the Iraq War
  • Trump Hacked the Media Right Before Our Eyes
  • What Trump and Putin Have in Common
  • Is Trump Giving Authoritarianism a Bad Name?

Many more after the break!

  • One Thing Donald Trump Would Like Is Freedom From the Press
  • Character Was Destiny for Spitzer; Will It Be for Trump?
  • Dictators Love Trump, and He Loves Them
  • The First Porn President
  • When the Leader of the Free World Is an Ugly American
  • The Chaos After Trump
  • Donald Trump’s Tunnel Vision
  • Trump: King of Chaos
  • Donald Trump Sure Has a Problem With Democracy
  • Trump’s White House Is a Black Hole
  • So Much Trump Chaos
  • Why Sessions Is Right to Stand Up to Trump
  • The Root of White House Chaos? A Weak President
  • Either a Conspirator or a Sucker
  • The De-Trumpification Agenda
  • Everybody’s Better Than You-Know-Who

This is not an opinion page: it’s a collective nervous breakdown.

By the way, what sent me to the opinion page was my search for a column criticizing “Chappaquiddick.”  Author Neal Gabler accuses the movie of distorting history. But Gabler’s most specific kvetch is that Ted’s father Joe couldn’t have said what the movie has him saying because he was too debilitated by a stroke to speak. Weak sauce. That said, I enjoyed Gabler back in the day when he was a panelist, along with Jim Pinkerton, on Fox News Watch.

New York Times Opinion Headlines Reveal the Paper’s Obsessive Trump-Hatred
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