If only . . .

On CNN this morning, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said:

“Apparently, Ann Coulter is dictating American immigration policy.”

Toobin’s comment came during a discussion of President Trump’s announcement that the US military will be securing the Mexican border. Snarked the ever-sarcastic John Avlon:

“If your presidential sense of self-esteem is tied up in Ann Coulter’s opinion, you got a deeper problem . . . You gotta have a deeper North Star to steer by if you’re President of the United States than Ann Coulter’s opinion at any moment.”

Co-host Alisyn Camerota cast the situation in a more positive light:

“[Coulter] personifies the base, and she speaks vocally, and sort of fearlessly, about it at any opportunity.”

Note: the suggestion was made that Trump was influenced by Coulter’s recent interview with New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, during which Ann accused Trump, in failing to build the wall and take other measures on immigration, of “violating [his] central campaign promise.”

CNN’s Toobin: “Ann Coulter is Dictating American Immigration Policy”
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