Given the anti-Trump rampage that Joe Scarborough has been on for months, you might have expected him to feast on Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview to vilify the president.

Instead, on today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough expressed surprising skepticism. Scarborough said that instead of being interested in “truth, justice, and the American Way,” it looked like Daniels is simply out for:

“a really big, fat paycheck for her from some publication.”

Scarborough slammed Stormy’s lawyer for “waving around the CD” with the implication that they contain compromising pictures of Trump, but not producing any evidence.

Joe was also critical of Anderson Cooper for his failure to pose obvious follow-up questions, such as asking Stormy to describe the man who allegedly threatened her with physical harm if she didn’t drop the Trump story.

Scarborough Surprisingly Skeptical about Stormy: Looking for “Big, Fat Paycheck”
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