It came at the very end of a long segment on the firing of Andrew McCabe. Maybe it should have come at the beginning . . .

On CNN this morning, after a protracted discussion of the firing of Andrew McCabe, and just before going to break, Chris Cuomo let slip what might be the seminal fact in this matter. As Cuomo put it:

“The best thing going for the President on this one is that the IG was an Obama appointee, and this was his report.”

In other words, the investigation into McCabe’s lack of candor, upon which his firing was based, was led by an FBI Inspector General appointed by President Obama.

Whoah! Maybe that’s why even the likes of Adam Schiff are acknowledging that the firing “may have been justified.”

The treatment of the firing during the discussion was surprisingly fair ‘n balanced. Co-host Erica Hill acknowledged that “there was a system, and there was a finding, and this happened with Andrew McCabe. And at the end of the day, it was his lack of candor that led to his firing.”

And CNN analyst and former FBI Special Agent Asha Rangappa observed:

“Lack of candor is something that’s taken incredibly seriously in the Bureau. It goes to the heart of the believability and credibility of an FBI agent. So anything that calls that into question will be investigated and potentially lead to separation.”

Cuomo Lets Slip on McCabe Firing: FBI IG an Obama Appointee
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