Most people assessing the Stormy Daniels situation would respect Melania Trump’s privacy. Not Mika Brzezinski

On today’s Morning Joe, saying the story puts Melania, Ivanka and others in a “terrible position,” Mika said that Melania and Ivanka “can’t protect [Trump] . . . you can’t overlook it.”

Mika took an additional shot at Ivanka, saying “you can’t be a counselor to the president and not comment at something like that.” That was an allusion to Ivanka having said that it was “inappropriate” to ask her about Trump’s alleged affairs.

Note: Speaking of the $130,000 Stormy received, Mika described Trump as trying to “pay for her silence, or pay for her services.” Ouch!

Mika Tries to Drag Melania into Stormy Daniels Story: She “Can’t Overlook” It
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