Just when you thought your TV might have become a Hogg-free zone . . .

Tuning in CNN this morning, there was David Hogg. Again. And the Parkland survivor-turned-gun-control-activist made one thing clear: he has no use for the Second Amendment. Hogg  accused the NRA of liking to “hide behind the Second Amendment and say this is our constitutional right. We’re Americans.” Well, yeah: you nailed, it, David!

A bit later, David really gave away his game. Hogg praised countries like Sweden, where gun ownership is treated “as a privilege, rather than a right.”

At least for now, I’m able to “hide behind” the First Amendment in critiquing Hogg. Could treating free speech “as a privilege rather than a right” be next on the liberals’ list?

Note: give host Alisyn Camerota some credit.  Although her voice was filled with skepticism about what “they,” the NRA, would say, she did raise the counter-argument to banning AR-15s — that it would put the “good guys” at a disadvantage in defending themselves.

David Hogg: Gun Ownership Should be “Privilege, Not a Right”
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