Given the chance this morning to put to rest the question of her Native American ancestry, Elizabeth Warren dodged, bigly.

On Fox News Sunday, guest host John Roberts asked Warren whether she’d be willing to take a “spit test” of her DNA. Warren ignored the question, sidestepping instead into a tear-jerker about her “daddy” falling in love with a “beautiful girl,” but that his family “bitterly opposed” the marriage because she was “part Native American.” Eventually, they eloped, claimed Warren.

Her voice thick with, um, faux emotion, Warren vowed that “no one is ever going to take away” what her parents and grandparents told her about her heritage.

So . . . looks like no spit from Senator Warren.

Note: Warren was also transparently, annoyingly, evasive on the issue of her presidential ambitions. She declared, “I am not running for president in 2020.” Right. She’s not, today, an announced candidate. How slippery. Warren could declare her candidacy at any time in the future without contradicting today’s statement. I wish Roberts had followed up: “does that mean you will not run under any circumstances?”

Warren also rolled out the typical politician’s spiel about focusing on her 2018 race, while mentioning the “incredible privilege” of serving the people of Massachusetts. Would it kill her to be honest, and say something like: sure, I’m thinking about it, but it’s still a ways off.

Note segundo: Roberts cited this editorial from the Berkshire Eagle, a Massachusetts newspaper, that called on Warren to submit to a DNA test. The paper had previously endorsed Warren in her Senate run.

No Spit: Elizabeth Warren Dodges DNA Test

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