Democrats across the country were getting a collective thrill up their leg about the coming “blue wave” that was about to break over Texas. Some early-voting numbers had Dems all excited.

And then the election happened. And it’s true that a political party set a Texas record yesterday for the number of voters going to the polls in a primary. Just one teensy little problem for Texas Dems: it was the Republican party. Democrats turned out in solid-but-not-record-breaking numbers. Overall, Republicans swamped Dem turnout by about half-a-million votes. Republican votes cast beat Dem votes by a ratio of 60/40.

On today’s Morning Joe, after election maven Steve Kornacki broke the bad news, Joe Scarborough had to concede:

“Looks like a lot of those reports about a big ‘blue wave’ coming in Texas: once again, overhyped.”

Note: Steve Kornacki is a point of light on MSNBC. He’s smart, well-informed, and generally plays it down the middle. At the end of the Morning Joe segment, Kornacki issued an important warning about early-voting numbers. He mentioned that in Texas, early-voting numbers are only calculated in the 15 largest counties, which skew Democrat. Concluded Kornacki: take early-voting numbers “with a gigantic grain of salt.”

Scarborough Concedes: Texas Blue Wave “Overhyped”
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