“States’ rights” was a curse in the mouths of liberals when it came to condemning southern segregationists in the Jim Crow era. But for liberals today, the right of states like California to defy federal immigration law has suddenly become a hallowed principle

Take Joseph Alioto Veronese, candidate for San Francisco DA. On his Fox News show tonight, Tucker Carlson challenged Veronese: “it is now illegal for private citizens in California to assist federal law enforcement authorities [regarding illegal immigration] . . . how is that different from what happened in the South in the ’50s and ’60s?”

Responded Veronese:

“I think there are interests at the local level that override the minutiae of the differences” in the law.

George Wallace couldn’t have said it any better: those pernty-headed bureaucrats from Washington aren’t going to tell us what to do!


George Wallace, Jerry Brown: Same States’ Rights Struggle!

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