I slapped the side of my TV to make sure it was tuned to the right channel. But yup, that was indeed CNN and Chris Cuomo, opening a discussion on the news that North Korea has indicated a willingness to discuss denuclearization, with praise for President Trump:

“You have to say congratulations to the Trump administration. They were able to move the ball here.”

And the rest of the panel — Alisyn Camerota, David Gregory, and Chris Cillizza — joined in acknowledging that this is a significant achievement for Trump.

There were, of course, caveats as to the unreliability of anything put out by the NORK regime. The US has been tricked before. And Cuomo suggested that this moment might have been achieved “despite” President Trump, not because of him.

Even so, there was a consensus that this was a significant opportunity, and that the Trump admin deserves praise for getting us to this point, whatever the outcome.

Have a look at the mash-up I’ve cobbled together of the virtually unprecedented spectacle of a CNN panel unanimously saying kind words about President Trump.

CNN’s Cuomo on N. Korea: “Congrats to Trump Admin — Able to Move the Ball”
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