Back in 1964, historian Richard Hofstadter wrote “The Paranoid Style in American Politics.” If the book is ever made into a movie, Joe Scarborough could be cast in the title role.

For on today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough contended that President Trump was speaking seriously when he said that we might have “to give a shot” at the establishment of a president-for-life in the United States.


“This is important. When Republicans, Gene [Robinson] are saying it’s just a joke, or when Republicans ignore the fact that this man is talking about being President-for-life. If they think that Donald Trump is joking, then they’re fools. And I don’t think they’re fools.”

Trump’s flip comment came during an off-the-record dinner with donors, in which Trump was responding to the news that China has abolished presidential term limits. The move enables Chinese President Xi Jingping to remain in power indefinitely.

Seriously, Joe? How do you see this playing out? President Trump declares martial law and calls off the 2020 election? Or Ryan and McConnell–those crazy radicals–collude with him to push through legislation abolishing elections? And the John Roberts Supreme Court declares the move constitutional?

C’mon Joe: spill. Spell out the scenario!

Scarborough: Republicans “Fools” to Think Trump Joking about President-for-Life
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