Two young reporters have schooled Brian Stelter on the role of journalists . . .

On his Reliable Sources CNN show this morning, Stelter tried and failed to get Olivia Nuzzi and Josh Dawsey to join him in freaking out over President Trump. Stelter began by saying that when he reads stories in the news, “I get worried about the country; I get worried about the President.”

He then asked the 25-year old Nuzzi of New York magazine, “do you get worried, Olivia?” Nuzzi wouldn’t bite:

“No, that’s not my concern. My concern is to figure out what is going on and why it is happening that way.”

An incredulous Stelter responded: “you’re able to remove yourself from the emotions of being a citizen?”

Stelter then tried it on the 27-year old Dawsey of the Washington Post: “do you ever get worried about how this is going to end?”

Dawsey also declined to Stelter’s invitation to hyperventilate:

“My job is just to report, and figure out what’s happening, and tell people the facts for them to make their opinions . . . I don’t think it’s our job, my job, to be concerned or worried. My job is just to report what he’s doing.”

Ironic and encouraging that—in contrast with Stelter—these younger reporters demonstrated an understanding of what professional journalism is supposed to be about.  And kudos on their refusal to join in Stelter’s sky-is-falling editorializing against Trump. The temptation must be there, particularly for younger reporters building their careers, to accede to whatever line the host of a CNN show peddles. It was gutsy of them to stand up to Stelter.

CNN’s Stelter Tries and Fails to Get Reporters to Join Him in Freaking Out Over Trump
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