Evan Siegfried has probably assured himself of a few more appearances on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show. Siegfried is the sort of Republican that Reid reveres: the kind willing to take nasty shots at President Trump.

On today’s show, Siegfried said that Trump wouldn’t have imposed the tariffs on steel and aluminum:

“if the President had been doing things with Forbes magazine other than getting spanked, and he had actually read it, he would have known it’s bad for the economy.”

Siegfried’s shot was an allusion to Stormy Daniels’ claim that Trump had her spank him with a copy of Forbes that featured him on the cover.

Daniels’ story is unverified, but why would that stop a “Republican” hungry for TV face time?

Note: Siegfried is indeed the perfect MSNBC “Republican.” You know, the kind who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Joy Reid “Republican”: No Trump Tariffs if he Read Forbes Instead of Getting Spanked with It
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