In a remarkable televised outburst on today’s Morning Joe, during a discussion of gun control and school safety, panelist Donny Deutsch suddenly screamed at Republican Congressman Steve Stivers of Ohio:

“You need to get rid of the assault weapons! You know what we need to do!”

Deutsch’s ugly outburst was too much for Joe Scarborough, who cut in:

“All right, all right, okay, okay, okay. Let’s be respectful.”

Scarborough went on to profusely thank Stivers for his military and congressional service and his appearance on the show.

Note: Deutsch had begun the segment by trying to talk with Stivers “father to father” and get him to agree to an assault weapons ban. Deutsch picked the wrong guy to argue with. Turns out Stivers has a 30-year military career and is a Brigadier General in the Ohio National Guard. Stivers schooled Deutsch and Scarborough on the fact that it is not the cosmetics of an “assault weapon” that count, but what’s inside. He explained that, contrary to Joe’s assertion, an M16 is far more lethal than an AR-15 because of its potential rate of fire in automatic mode.

Morning Joe’s Deutsch Screams at GOP Rep: “You Need to Get Rid of Assault Weapons!”
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