I’m convinced that John Avlon stays up nights before his CNN appearances, working on snarky one-liners that will get him noticed. So part of me hates falling for his shtick. Even so, I’ll report the shot he took at Ivanka this morning.

Commenting on a report that chief of staff John Kelly didn’t think that Ivanka was qualified to represent the US at the Winter Olympics, Avlon said:

“This is serious stuff, and simply freelancing in a fur coat ain’t going to cut it.”

As you’ll see from the screengrab, Avlon was terribly pleased with himself over his bon mot. And the panel found his attack on Ivanka to be hilarious, bursting into laughter as A.B. Stoddard congratulated him: “well done, John.”

JOHN AVLON: Remember this is the United States of America and we tend not to have sons-in-law and daughters running governments, historically. Which is why we have anti-nepotism laws and will probably have them again.

If Kelly’s feeling frustration about Ivanka, he certainly feels it about Jared. This isn’t simply the bunting around the Olympics. This is also an Olympics that’s adjoining a country we may well go to war with if they continue to have nuclear weapons. So this isn’t simply niceties. This is serious stuff. And that’s why it happens. This is all happening after a weekend as the president, premier of China just basically gave himself lifetime appointment. This is serious stuff, and simply freelancing in a fur coat ain’t going to cut it.

CHRIS CUOMO: Freelancing in a fur coat.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: I got it. I got it. I heard it.

AVLON: You’re welcome.

A.B. STODDARD: Well done, John.

CUOMO: That’s been said about me before, and I didn’t like it.

CAMEROTA: We’ll show pictures later.

CNN’s Avlon Rips Ivanka’s Olympic Trip: “Freelancing in a Fur Coat”
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