More evidence that Parkland student-turned-gun-control-celebrity David Hogg has gone on a power trip. Two days ago, we noted Hogg threatening to “take care” of FedEx if it didn’t drop its affiliation with the NRA.

Appearing on Morning Joe today, Hogg declared “I’m not to going allow” Governor Scott to blame Sheriff Israel regarding the shooting. Hogg claimed Israel is merely part of the “bureaucracy,” whereas “elected officials” like Scott “are in charge of them. This is their fault . . . Gov. Rick Scott is essentially the boss of Scott Israel.”

News flash for Hogg: Israel is not a “bureaucrat.” Just like Scott, Israel is also an “elected official.” Scott is not his boss. The people are.

Earlier in the interview, Hogg said that he doesn’t want to go back to school until the Florida legislature adopts at least one more gun control law: “why should I have to work if my elected officials won’t work to save my life and everybody around me?”

David Hogg: “I’m Not Going to Allow” Gov. Scott to Blame Sheriff Israel
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