Right. And I’m the flippin’ King of Siam.

Cesar Vargas, an illegal immigrant, told Tucker Carlson tonight:

“I’m an American. Citizenship does not make me an American.”

Tucker pointed out that citizenship is precisely what makes someone an American. Carlson also objected to Vargas repeatedly referring to what “we” as Americans have done. Said Tucker:

“No offense. I wish you wouldn’t say ‘we.’ Hold on, since you are not a citizen, actually. You don’t get to see ‘we.’ I’m sorry. You just don’t.”

Vargas had been invited on to discuss the actions of Libby Schaaf, the Democratic mayor of Oakland, warning illegals about impending ICE raids and declaring that her goal was “to protect” illegals.

As Carlson suggested, the refusal of states to accept the authority of the federal government is what led it to insert troops into southern states to enforce desegregation.

Defiant Illegal Tells Tucker: “I’m an American”

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