On his CNN show this morning, Jake Tapper raked Broward Sheriff Scott Israel over the coals for his department’s mishandling of the Parkland school shooting.

Israel bobbed and weaved, but at one point his ego revealed itself. After claiming that as sheriff he has provided “amazing leadership,” Israel vaingloriously boasted that if he had been at the school:

“I would have been the first in.”

Perhaps realizing what a vain boast he’d made, Israel added “along with so many of the other people.”

Among other highlights, Tapper grilled Israel for his failure to disclose at last week’s town hall, moderated by Tapper, that the deputy had failed to go in. Israel claimed he hadn’t seen the video of that dereliction of duty by the time of the town hall. A skeptical Tapper was incredulous that, one week after the shooting, Israel hadn’t seen the video.


Sheriff Israel Brags to Tapper: “I Would Have Been the First In”
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