Is fame giving delusions of grandeur to David Hogg, the Parkland student who’s become a media celebrity as an advocate of more gun control?

During a long interview with Joy Reid on her MSNBC show today, Hogg at one point looked directly into the camera and said that in contrast with several other companies that had offered discounts to NRA members:

“FedEx still has not dropped their deal with the NRA. The CEO is one of the biggest donors to the NRA. And we have to take care of them. And as a result, if they aren’t going to, we’re going to have to take action as the consumers. Because we have the power in a business, just like we have the power in our democracy.”

Earlier in the interview, Hogg boasted of how his Twitter following has exploded. We caught him last week saying how little sleep he’s been getting due to all media interviews he’s been doing.

Hogg of course has the right to speak out. And boycotts are a technique used by both the right and left. But Hogg might keep the Chick-fil-A precedent in mind. Students and others tried to organize a boycott against Chick-fil-A because of statements by its COO in opposition to gay marriage.

There was a huge backlash to the boycott, culminating in Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on August 1, 2012 that resulted in record-breaking sales.

If Hogg and others continue to push their FedEx boycott, the result could “absolutely, positively” be increased business for the company.

Parkland Student Hogg: FedEx Must Drop NRA Support or We’ll “Take Care” of Them
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