How can we have an intelligent discussion about guns when many pushing for more gun control don’t understand basic concepts about firearms?

Take Chris Cuomo on CNN this morning, who said:

“Many in the audience at the CNN townhall supported a ban on semiautomatic weapons.”

Neither Cuomo nor the people at the town hall he was describing seem to understand that the vast majority of weapons in America–from deer rifles to handguns–are semi-automatics. They might have magazines, but to fire, a separate pull of the trigger is required.

A “ban on semi-automatics” would be an impossible, and surely unconstitutional approach. Gun control advocates need to do more than clamor for government to “do something.” They must first educate themselves, in order to make fact-based, rational proposals.

Chris Cuomo: “Many at CNN Town Hall Support Ban on Semi-automatic Weapons”
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One thought on “Chris Cuomo: “Many at CNN Town Hall Support Ban on Semi-automatic Weapons”

  • February 22, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    What this idiot does not comprehend that such a ban would outlaw every gun except for revolvers, break action such as shot guns and bolt action rifles. Like the one used in 1966 to kill 14 people at the U of Texas.

    We need mental health reform to make mental health history more readily available to background checks.

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