Calling it an “anathema,” Dem Sen. Richard Blumenthal says “I will fight” the arming of teachers in schools.

Appearing on this evening’s Hardball, Blumenthal said:

“He [President Trump] seems to be backing the idea of arming teachers and eliminating gun-free zones. That idea has been rejected soundly and consistently by the entire educational community; by teachers, superintendents, principals. Because it makes schools less safe.

And it is a non-starter, whether it’s proposed singly or part of any other measure in the United States Senate. I will fight it, because it is an anathema. A dangerous and frightening prospect. But we need to take this issue to the ballot box. That’s where it’s going to be decided.”

Blumenthal obviously developed a lot of expertise on firearms during all the time that—contrary to his claim—he was not serving in Vietnam.

Note: beyond the issue of arming teachers, what is Blumenthal’s argument in favor of maintaining “gun-free zones?” Can he point to a single case when that has done anything but disarm law-abiding citizens and create free-fire zones for murderers?

Dem Sen. Blumenthal Vows: “I Will Fight” Arming Teachers, Ending “Gun-Free Zones”
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