It’s official: Jennifer Rubin is now my least-liked liberal talking head.

On Joy Reid’s MSNBC show this morning, Rubin accused President Trump—by the manner in which he has responded to the Parkland school shooting—of:

“hiding behind the dead bodies of 17 people.”

If anyone is exploiting those deaths, it is Rubin and others on the left using the tragedy to push their gun-control, Trump-hating agenda.

JENNIFER RUBIN: He couldn’t have spent less time at that hospital if he had been on rollerskates going through the halls. He is entirely incapable of showing empathy. He does not understand other people’s feelings, he doesn’t understand people’s suffering. He has utterly failed at the consoler-in-chief role which both President Obama and President Bush and President Reagan, you can keep on going back really, every president in the modern era has been able to do.But he does not because there’s something terribly wrong, terribly off about him.

I would add one thing to what your guests have been saying and that is that he is hiding behind the dead body of 17 people. The dead bodies. Think about that for a moment. How low, how despicable, how cowardly, that he’s making their deaths, their family’s suffering, an excuse for his own malfeasance? It’s just lower than low. And we keep saying that. But somehow, this is the kind of the worst of the worst I think that we’ve seen from him.

Jennifer Rubin: Trump “Hiding Behind the Dead Bodies of 17 People”

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