On CNN this morning, host Alisyn Camerota used a survivor of the Parkland school shooting to launch an attack on Tomi Lahren, who had tweeted [see below] a call for the left to give grieving families 24 hours before talking about gun control.

After displaying the tweet and inviting the young woman to express her reaction [it made her angry], Camerota got down to business, editorializing:

“I was so struck by what you said. While it was happening, while you all were under siege, hiding behind desks, as Kelsey was, hiding in closets, you were all talking about it. So if you can talk about it while it was happening, you can talk about it today.”

When events like these shootings occur, “hosts” like Camerota drop any pretense of objectivity and morph into the partisan leftists they are.

Check out Camerota’s body language in asserting the need to immediately discuss gun control. She is more demonstrative than the survivors themselves.

CNN’s Camerota Uses School-Shooting Survivor to Attack Tomi Lahren
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