One place we know Melania Trump isn’t, Joe: behind the scenes, organizing “bimbo eruption” campaigns to destroy the reputations of abused women.

During a discussion of the Rob Porter matter on today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough criticized the First Lady for not speaking out on domestic abuse. Said Scarborough:

“You’re talking about spousal abuse. Punching. And you do wonder where — I’ll just say it — where Melania Trump is here? You wonder. That’s a fair question to ask.”

Scarborough’s hesitation seemed to reflect his realization that he was treading on thin ice in trying to drag the First Lady into a contentious issue.

But in the liberal media’s all-out campaign to destroy the Trump presidency, everyone, including the First Lady, is fair game.

Scarborough Criticizes First Lady for Not Speaking Out on Domestic Abuse: “Where is Melania Trump?”
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