Joy Reid has falsely implied that the accusations of sexual misconduct made against Bill Clinton by, among others, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick, have been “adjudicated” at great public expense to be false. On her MSNBC show this today, Reid said:

“Was Donald Trump careful when he and his friend Roger Stone brought the accusers of Bill Clinton — something that was adjudicated into the tens of millions of dollars by the American taxpayer — he brought those women to one of the debates just as a way to troll Hillary Clinton. I don’t think that he was being careful then.”

In the case of Paula Jones, far from her accusation against Clinton being “adjudicated” to be false, Clinton paid Jones $850,000 in settlement of her claim. And no one has ever debunked, in or out of court, Broaddrick’s accusation against Clinton of outright rape.

The question arises: is Reid ignorant of the facts, or was she intentionally misrepresenting the record?

Note: Reid made her bogus implication that the accusations by Clinton accusers have been “adjudicated” in response to Republican Amy Tarkanian’s statement that Trump is right in saying that we need to be “careful” regarding accusations of sexual misconduct.

Joy Reid Suggests Accusations against Bill Clinton by Broaddrick, Paula Jones “Adjudicated” False
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